Torchwood Magazine #11

Issue 11 of Torchwood Magazine has been released across the United Kingdom today priced £3.99. You can read the information about it below.

Get Myles!

Torchwood magazine visits the Children of Earth set for a sensational interview with Eve Myles, who tells us what lies ahead for Gwen Cooper (see below). Plus, our 'From Out of the Vaults' feature continues as Torchwood's cinematic influences come under scrutiny, and we revisit series one's Ghost Machine via an interview with Gareth Thomas (Ed Morgan) and a detailed episode guide.

The Hub

Get the latest on Children of Earth in our dedicated news section, including a filming update from producer Peter Bennett and all the casting latest, including news of an on-screen appearance from one of Doctor Who’s most familiar voices. Plus, Chris Moyles investigates the Hub, a chance to win Torchwood and John Barrowman CDs, and just what is the 456?

Issue 12 is released on December 12th.